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Not the title, but the impact

Global Bootcamp Navigator | Moonshot Pirates

What the world needs more than ever right now, are young people with a clear vision for the future, the courage to work towards a better tomorrow, and a network enabling their success.
Our goal at Moonshot Pirates is to empower young people to find their own path in life, start working on things that matter, and thereby contribute positively to our future. You can check out our 2020 impact report here.

I joined the company in 2019 as Global Bootcamp Navigator, leading our global expansion and building an international community of passionate people empowering young talents in their local communities. You can read more about our Global Organizer Program here.

In addition, I organize our own Bootcamps all over Austria, conduct workshops on vision and goal setting, and am the main content provider on our blog.

Teacher in Training | 5Rhythms

I'm passionate about the healing quality of movement. It's so easy to get stuck in the head, in negative thoughts, and in destructive emotions, if those thoughts and emotions are not expressed. Some do it through art, some do it through sports - I combine the two and dance.

I practice and teach the expressive dance and moving meditation practice 5Rhythms since 2015 and 2019 respectively. My main dance floor is in Vienna, but I also teach in Denmark, in Hungary, and in these times also online.

Letting in. Letting out. Letting go. Letting go of letting go. Letting be.

More information about my schedule is available on 5rhythms.com.

Freelance Creator

Having studied German and English at the University of Southern Denmark, communication has been at the core of my professional life for years. I began blogging in 2015, produced a biweekly newsletter between 2018-2019, and created social media captions and subtitles for the Austrian influencer Ali Mahlodji in 2020.

My work as a freelance creator has also included counseling, proofreading, and editing. Currently, I'm working as a video editor for Verosnation.

I'm still an active blogger on several platforms. Learn more about my writing here.



In addition to my worklife, I also love contributing in meaningful ways and being in service. My volunteering experience includes:

👉 TEDxOdense 2019

👉 FuckUpNights Odense

👉 Companion of the dying for the Red Cross

👉 Stress reducing dance classes at my university

👉 Graensesten

an exhibition of what I do, what I have done and who I strive to be